In-Between Wall


CV (E)

Art related to architecture in Kvadraturen school complex, Kristiansand.


This commission`s point of departure was the  architectural structure of the entrance and the actual light conditions of the building.I interpreted the building as a ”shaft of light” bounded by two strong parallel walls.The light filtrates in between these two
partitions of wall into the building´s crisscross volume and towards the next passage of light..

My intention was:
To strengthen the experience of light from both the inside and the outside in the day and at night.
To emphasize the height as a positive element in the space and to link it to the ground floor which has a horizontal character.
To create a dynamic but gentle movement in the space by activating the tension between the partitons of wall.
To create a lightness, energy and suppleness of expression.

I tackled the more static wall-partitions by stretching three light forms between them in a spiral-like movement.
The forms reflect the light in the ”shaft`s” twelve metres expanse of space, and the vertical-diagonal axis is
intensified and the light moves further. The forms can be read very differently according to where each onlooker
stands or walks in the building.The expression of the piece changes as one moves from floor to floor or
from the one or the other entrance.

The forms are about 8 metres tall, 50 cm wide and 11 cm in diametre. They consist of two, long, white, parallel PVC pipes
which are also translucent.The pipes contain an optic fibre which glows as daylight diminishes. Each form is enclosed by
a white stocking which as well as playing it´s part in giving the elements a coherence  also captures and reflects the light.





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