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CV (E)

  Project description
Tempo, Skien, Norway.

I worked with elements common to The Highways Dept/Municipal Highways Office. (Those with practical functions as signs for pedestrian precincts, protection of trees, traffic limitation and heavy traffic areas; schools etc.

My forms don`t limit, they rather inspire existence; to stay, to meet, to wonder, to lean against etc.

These should appear a little as “misplaced railings”; colourful, three dimensional lines in the public space. Because they appear in other locations around the city they inspire recognition, yet while being something known, they are also something different.

They are made in the same colourful steel tubing but have a more ambiguous function. The forms appear in 3 busy central locations.

Material: Painted steel tubing
Dimensjoner: Tubing 60.3 mm diameter
Forms are in a variety of heights between 60 og 300 cm
Lengths: 5 – 6,5 metres
In total 5 forms placed in 3 locations
(See the map included in the catalogue)


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