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Link to documentation video: https://youtu.be/GgwerEKqYp0



Installation at Kunstgarasjen, Bergen. Paint, painted wood
September 14th - October 6th 2019
In cooperation with Arne Ingvaldsen

Artists talk  was held with the author Helga G. Eriksen at September 19th



The exhibition is an installation consisting of several spatial elements and a wall drawing. It is made specifically for the space of Kunstgarasjen: Its size, form and light. The material is painted wood.

The work also relates to the use of the space as an art gallery. A basic form theme is exposed and explored both as a  plane and as a multitude of spatial forms. The underlying theme is the relation between an imagination and a perceivable concretization (So similar! So very different!).

Something is seen, thought, imagined.

Someone tries to attach the imagined to a palpable material. The material receives it, swallows it, casts it into its shape.

Someone tries to send this palpable thing out into the living space. Occasionally there will be a strong presence, sometimes just something strange. But never quite everyday?


Link to Helga G. Eriksen´s text "Lysande skrift" here

Link to documentation video: https://youtu.be/GgwerEKqYp0

With support from: Norsk Kulturråd, Regionale prosjektmidlar, NBK Vederlagsfondet


Photographs: Ø. Klakegg






























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