CV (E)


Sculpture installation
at Fjell school, culture house and sports field
Drammen, 2021

Photo: Řystein Klakegg



The sculpture installation "HELLO!" is made up of 9 figures / groups of figures along the common road. The common road, together with the sculpture installation, connects a large area between two parallel streets on the upper and lower side of the facility. The figures seek to emphasize the connection between the culture house, the primary and lower secondary school and the sports area. They have a common expression, language, but at the same time they are all different in expression. Some stand alone, others "look" at a "family member", or a friend, or something else?

The figures do not try to be anything or anyone, but they can remind one of different beings such as animals, giant flowers or something completely different.

It is only the spectator's imagination that sets the limits for what they can become.

The figures do not only appeal to the sense of sight, I hope, but are inviting in several ways. Maybe they can trigger a meeting, be something to measure oneself against, to stand by, to lean on?

The figures are made of bent steel pipes, and slices cut out of steel plates. Some of the discs are perforated. The color is mainly orange with a little blue on the discs.

The size of the figures varies in height, width, shape and shape combinations.


Near the culture house
 and the library




Along the road between
the culture house
and the school


By the school


           Til topp side