Electric Weft


CV (E)

Electric Weft 

Soft Gallery, Oslo

September 2010


Eva Kun has taken over the gallery space with hundreds of meters of light thread. The thread is stretched from wall to wall "weaving" the space together as an all-encompassing installation. The shape is undulating, creating a volume that surrounds the visitor.

Despite the thin and almost intangible nature of the light thread, the installation as a whole constitute a strong physical presence. Kun seeks in this way to challenge the human sensuality and perception when experiencing  the installation and the quality of the space it creates. Rather than to limit the meeting between the audience, the space, and the installation to linguistic and technical definitions, the purpose is to open for an extended experience and cognitive dimension.

Kun emphasizes a clear interest in the meeting point between art and architecture. Using immaterial means as light and shadow Kun creates sculptural elements in various proportions and volume. The work is always to be understood as site-specific in the sense that a close reading and dialogue with the room are essential for the installation form and intended effect. A landscape is for Kun the same as a defined and limited architectural space, a site for a possible intervention.

Interest in the Nordic light stands as a vital source of inspiration for Kun. The ethereal effects that are brought forth in her sculptural and three-dimensional installations are being created by extensive experimentation in materials and methods. In the exhibition at SOFT gallery Kun works for the first time with light thread - a tight, minimalist choice of material.



By Art Historian and Managing Director Janicke Iversen




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