Blue, Red, Yellow, Green


CV (E)

Commission for Iladalen nursery-school

2005 - Trondheim

Starting point:
The commom-room is about 35 square metres.
Light shines through the short walls, with increasing roof/ceiling from the corridor window with a good view in from the hall.
The challenge and aim was to create an inspiring room, versatile and full of open associations but without taking up the space.
The art work comprises of several active components which create a whole.
There are a few permanent interventions in the form of:
- A dual-coloured pattern on the floor •
- A connecting pattern on the long walls •
- Logos on the glass surfaces.

The flexible elements are:
- Magnetic identification signs, mounted on magnets which, when wanted to, can be moved around in the ”landscape”. •
- A platform which is like a large jigsaw.




The short walls are filled with window so it was natural to accept them as the canvas and source of light.
The long walls however, stimulate the senses. They are an open continuance with the floor.

The one wall is dominated by vertical elements with a slight diagonal inclination – a possible forest/shadow association.
The other wall has mostly horizontal lines with
imagery which can give associations to, amongst other things, water.
Blue and yellow are the colours which domi-nate the one side with blue and green on the other.
A water-based magnetic paint was applied to the wall before the pattern was painted.




I used a simple pattern which can be used in different ways as it can be interpreted in different referances to scale (street or path, garden labyrinth, part of an interior line, thread, longways or across etc.




These ar laser-cut in coloured plexi-glass and mounted on small magnets so they can be moved around in the room.

5 mm plexi glass (acrylic) in various colours
Magnets - diameter 10 mm, thickness 3 mm.





The logos have been placed on the glass doors to the home areas and on the roof windows.


THE Platform

The platform is made from 14 simple, geometric elements.

The elements can be put together or stacked in different ways. They can be used as building blocks, spatial elements, pillows or platforms of various height and size.


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