Åtte undervegs


CV (E)


        Åsane high school and culture house in Bergen, 2020

In the work "Eight on the way", I wanted to maintain the continuity that lies in the nature of the corridor, at the same time add some variety by means of simple, approximately body-sized shapes along the concrete wall.

View is an important key word in a visual sense, but also in a figurative sense with a view to developing opportunities, future prospects.

The work consists of 8 forms of geometric nature, in the same design language, but with variation in shape, size, color, spacing and placement in relation to ceilings and floors and directions.

The intense, warm colors of the forms are meant to act as a counterweight to the bluish Nordic light that dominates the outdoors for large parts of the year.

The way the shapes are in relation to each other is essential to the idea of ​​the imaginary space that arises between them. These go in an intersecting direction in relation to the main direction in the corridor.

The work can be experienced both while staying in the corridor or when walking through it.

Fragments of the figures are also visible from the classrooms through the windows facing the corridor.

For someone who takes a closer look at the work, an ambiguous space illusion opens up, open to reading in different ways.

There are two colors left on each of the 8 shapes with a vertical division.

They are made of 3 mm aluminum plates with a 2 cm edge board against the wall.

Each shape is illuminated from behind with hidden LED light.



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Photographs: Ø. Klakegg




























































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